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My book Sister Vegetarian’s 31 Days of Drama-Free Living: Exercises and Recipes for a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit (Lantern Books) made Veg News Annual top 12 book list for 2012.

Thank you everyone for your support of making my book within Veg News top 12 book list for 2012. Thank you also for helping to keep the healthy revolution alive, moving, and touching many lives going forward :) Link here at Veg News for reviews of the top 12 books :) Thank you :)

I am in Veg News Magazine's March/April 2012 Issue on Page 90!!!! A wonderful review is given of my book Sister Vegetarian's 31 Days of Drama-Free Living! To find out where and when you can purchase your Veg News March/April issue, Link here to the international and award winning vegan magazine which is available in 38 countries!

May 27, 2012 - Speaker at the New York City Veggie Pride Parade. Link below for my Victory Speech to inspire and empower you on your plant-based journey.
Link here or link below for my speech at the May 27, 2012 Veggie Pride Parade where I speak on healthy eating and its affect on ourselves,world hunger, and the environment.

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on the station's show "It's All About Food" with the show's host Caryn Hartglass.

I spoke at the 10/9/11 Baltimore, MD/DC Area 1st Annual VegFest sponsored by Open The Cage Alliance (click here for official VegFest Website of speakers and entertainment). My "Victory" speech can be viewed on You Tube (click here for speech video)

Other speaking engagements included the Oct 27-29 DC event for Farm Sanctuary's National Conference to End Factory Farming where I will spoke on Day 3 (Oct 29) at on the Plant Based Living Panel:Diet As A Tool For Change. I was joined on the panel by NY Times best- selling author and nutritional researcher Joel Fuhrman, M.D. Here is the video link :

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September 24, 2011 Article for Black Girls Run on Being Black and Vegan: Link here to be inspired


Lantern Books has come up with a new e-book entitled "Recipes for the Vegan Table: A Lantern Sampler." One of the recipes from my book Sister Vegetarian is listed along with a recipe from vegetarian Sir Paul know him as a Beatles member :-)

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" Recipes for the Vegan Table: A Lantern Sampler by Carol J.... Adams, Donna Beaudoin, Patti Breitman, Kate Jacoby, Brian McCarthy, Paul McCartney, Kumuda Reddy .....

With so many cookbooks out there, what's a vegan—or aspiring vegan—to do? Lantern Books has the ideal menu: Start with a flavorful appetizer from famously longtime vegetarian Sir Paul McCartney, continue with a mouthwatering entrĂ©e from The Sexual Politics of Meat author Carol J. Adams or "Sister Vegetarian" Donna Beaudoin, add a scrumptious side from Chef Brian P. McCarthy or Ayurvedic practitioner Dr. Kumuda Reddy, and finish up with a delectab...le dessert from Kate Jacoby, co-owner and pastry chef of the cutting-edge Philadelphia restaurant Vedge. All of the recipes in this sampler are healthy, tasty, and easy to make, ensuring that your meal will be both cruelty-free and delicious. So draw a chair up to the table and find out what the joy of vegan cooking is really about!(less)"

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Black Expressions Book Club
made Sister Vegetarian's 31 Days of Drama-Free Living their alternate book selection in March 2012!

What a joy to know that I have become a part of your family through this book which acts as your daily guide, daily inspirational and motivational tool. To conquer challenges in all aspects of your life. To encourage you to be encouraged that the sun shines even when the clouds are gray, and that joy always comes in the morning if you should falter and trip along your vegetarian or vegan journey! It's okay to be you. Be yourself, and you shall not fail in this beautiful life-long vegetarian or vegan journey. Remember, it's a lifestyle, not a temporary diet or a temporary solution. It is a part of you as you heal yourself, heal the environment, and save animals. Do you ask yourself, what have you done for me lately when you are always helping others and forget about your well-being? Then, pick up a copy of Sister Vegetarian's 31 Days of Drama-Free Vegetarian and Vegan Living today, and let your mind be blown to the endless possibilities of what a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle can do for you! ~ Donna M Beaudoin "Sister Vegetarian"

Disclaimer: Sister Vegetarian is a blog based on my vegetarian and vegan experiences and journey as well as others' experiences. I am not a medical, nutritionist, or exercise specialist; so, please consult your physician before starting any vegetarian and vegan lifestyle and exercise program.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Are YOU Ready for a Revolutionary Change? The statistics and how you can make a difference

"I know where I'm going and I know the truth, and I don't have to be what you want me to be. I'm free to be what I want." ~ World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali

Are YOU Ready for a Revolutionary Change? The statistics and how you can make a difference...


12 lbs of wheat to make 1 lb of ground beef .
That 12 lbs of wheat can make 12 loaves of bread to feed the world's starving population!

80% of corn and grain grown is fed to farm animals
That 80% corn and grain can feed the world's starving population!

16 lbs of grain to produce 1 pound of meat.
That 16 lbs of grain could have fed the world's starving population

11 times as much fossil fuel to make one calorie from animal protein than it does to acquire one calorie from plant protein
That fossil fuel could have been used to heat homes, provide fuel for vehicles, fuel for planes and trains, and provide electricity. Fossil fuels power our life and economy.

Even better, cleaner fossil fuels, such as coal can be used to power our homes and style needs.

Many factory farms use large man-made lagoons (aka cesspools) that average the size of 7 acres, and contain 20-45 million gallons of waste water from the wastes of farm animals. We do not hear this information in the media: There are frequent breaks and overflows in the cesspools where the waste water leaks into our local water supply, streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans since these factory farms are near natural water sources. Consequently, your fresh water and ocean supply of fish are contaminated with waste and diseases from these farm animal wastes. You will never hear this in the media! No! Continue to think that the fish you eat is healthy. Continue to believe the hype to eat fish from the various television commercials and magazine advertisements that fish is healthy. Even farm raised fish has a high contamination of waste from the fish being in such a small concentrated area! Educate yourselves and do not believe the hype!

That 20-45 million of gallons of water used in the man-made lagoons (cesspools) for animal waste, could solve our world water shortage!

Half of the water in the US goes to raising animals for food. Here are some more water statistics:

It takes 49 gallons of water to grow 1 lb apples
It takes 24 gallons of water to grow 1 lb potatoes
It takes over 5000 gallons of water to grow 1 lb of beef
That 5000 gallons of water can solve the world's water shortage crisis with 5000 gallons of water to areas suffering from a water shortage, and suffering from clean water!

As a vegetarian and more so a vegan, there are decreased chances of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, cancers, arthritis, and other ailments. We are healthier people as vegetarians or vegans. Stop making excuses to justify life as a meat, chicken , or fish eater. Stop the drama right now! The positives of living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle are around you everyday in faces of people you know, and do not know. The studies, reports, and results are out there in support of a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle from physicians, scientists, your family, neighbors, and friends.

Why are you afraid to make a change? Are you afraid of changes? Changes bring growth. If it wasn't for the leaders of yesterday who stood against the status quo in order to make positive changes, we would not have a today or a possibility for a better tomorrow.

To quote the infamous three-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali "He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." And, how about his quote, "It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself."

Why are you waiting to change your lifestyle when the positives outweigh the negatives?
We are in a revolution right now - a healthy revolution! Take a stand for your health, your family's health, your neighbor's health, the world's health, and the health of future generations.

We can feed the world's starving population and make water accessible for all through a vegetarian and more so a vegan lifestyle. Wheat, corn, water....can feed the world rather than fuel a meat eating lifestyle. Farm animals can be saved and allowed to live in a safe environment, and an environment that supports their natural way of living that has been denied to them for so long. We become healthy and possibly disease and illness free from those who have been battling illnesses and diseases.

Are you ready to stand up and reclaim your health? Are you ready for this revolution ?
~ Sister Vegetarian

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