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Purchase Sister Vegetarian's 31 Days Book at these locations:
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National Magazines, Radio Shows and Speaking Engagements:

My book Sister Vegetarian’s 31 Days of Drama-Free Living: Exercises and Recipes for a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit (Lantern Books) made Veg News Annual top 12 book list for 2012.

Thank you everyone for your support of making my book within Veg News top 12 book list for 2012. Thank you also for helping to keep the healthy revolution alive, moving, and touching many lives going forward :) Link here at Veg News for reviews of the top 12 books :) Thank you :)

I am in Veg News Magazine's March/April 2012 Issue on Page 90!!!! A wonderful review is given of my book Sister Vegetarian's 31 Days of Drama-Free Living! To find out where and when you can purchase your Veg News March/April issue, Link here to the international and award winning vegan magazine which is available in 38 countries!

May 27, 2012 - Speaker at the New York City Veggie Pride Parade. Link below for my Victory Speech to inspire and empower you on your plant-based journey.
Link here or link below for my speech at the May 27, 2012 Veggie Pride Parade where I speak on healthy eating and its affect on ourselves,world hunger, and the environment.

Link here for my 2/29/12 Progressive Radio Interview
on the station's show "It's All About Food" with the show's host Caryn Hartglass.

I spoke at the 10/9/11 Baltimore, MD/DC Area 1st Annual VegFest sponsored by Open The Cage Alliance (click here for official VegFest Website of speakers and entertainment). My "Victory" speech can be viewed on You Tube (click here for speech video)

Other speaking engagements included the Oct 27-29 DC event for Farm Sanctuary's National Conference to End Factory Farming where I will spoke on Day 3 (Oct 29) at on the Plant Based Living Panel:Diet As A Tool For Change. I was joined on the panel by NY Times best- selling author and nutritional researcher Joel Fuhrman, M.D. Here is the video link :

Sister's Vegetarian's Book Information

* More Sister Vegetarian Book News!

September 24, 2011 Article for Black Girls Run on Being Black and Vegan: Link here to be inspired


Lantern Books has come up with a new e-book entitled "Recipes for the Vegan Table: A Lantern Sampler." One of the recipes from my book Sister Vegetarian is listed along with a recipe from vegetarian Sir Paul know him as a Beatles member :-)

Here's the information about the book and the link to download the book and recipes:

" Recipes for the Vegan Table: A Lantern Sampler by Carol J.... Adams, Donna Beaudoin, Patti Breitman, Kate Jacoby, Brian McCarthy, Paul McCartney, Kumuda Reddy .....

With so many cookbooks out there, what's a vegan—or aspiring vegan—to do? Lantern Books has the ideal menu: Start with a flavorful appetizer from famously longtime vegetarian Sir Paul McCartney, continue with a mouthwatering entrée from The Sexual Politics of Meat author Carol J. Adams or "Sister Vegetarian" Donna Beaudoin, add a scrumptious side from Chef Brian P. McCarthy or Ayurvedic practitioner Dr. Kumuda Reddy, and finish up with a delectab...le dessert from Kate Jacoby, co-owner and pastry chef of the cutting-edge Philadelphia restaurant Vedge. All of the recipes in this sampler are healthy, tasty, and easy to make, ensuring that your meal will be both cruelty-free and delicious. So draw a chair up to the table and find out what the joy of vegan cooking is really about!(less)"

Purchase at Amazon:

Black Expressions Book Club
made Sister Vegetarian's 31 Days of Drama-Free Living their alternate book selection in March 2012!

What a joy to know that I have become a part of your family through this book which acts as your daily guide, daily inspirational and motivational tool. To conquer challenges in all aspects of your life. To encourage you to be encouraged that the sun shines even when the clouds are gray, and that joy always comes in the morning if you should falter and trip along your vegetarian or vegan journey! It's okay to be you. Be yourself, and you shall not fail in this beautiful life-long vegetarian or vegan journey. Remember, it's a lifestyle, not a temporary diet or a temporary solution. It is a part of you as you heal yourself, heal the environment, and save animals. Do you ask yourself, what have you done for me lately when you are always helping others and forget about your well-being? Then, pick up a copy of Sister Vegetarian's 31 Days of Drama-Free Vegetarian and Vegan Living today, and let your mind be blown to the endless possibilities of what a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle can do for you! ~ Donna M Beaudoin "Sister Vegetarian"

Disclaimer: Sister Vegetarian is a blog based on my vegetarian and vegan experiences and journey as well as others' experiences. I am not a medical, nutritionist, or exercise specialist; so, please consult your physician before starting any vegetarian and vegan lifestyle and exercise program.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Sister's Friday Quick Tip of The Day: Waste Not, Want Not: Why are you throwing away your juice pulp?

Yes, you can use the pulp from your juicings in vegan, raw vegan, and vegetarian recipes!

Link here for my post on using juice pulp in recipes

~ Sister Vegetarian

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sister's Thursday Quick Tip for The Day: Fight the drama today! WE ARE INA REVOLUTION! ARE YOU READY FOR A HEALTHY REVOLUTION?

Fight the drama today!


Labels on dairy foods may not be truthful. If you are still eating meat and chicken, some of the the labels of "natural" or "organic" are not truthful. What is behind all that labeling? "Natural" labeling does not really mean "natural." Labels on chicken and eggs such as "free range" and "caged-free" may not be truthful. As a vegetarian, if you think you are consuming organic milk and cheese, guess again, Some dairy products labeled as organic or natural may not really be natural or organic. Read more on mislabeling and how to make yourself more aware of what the labels really mean.

Link here for Farm Sanctuary's Report "Truth Behind the Labeling" (link here for report). You can view a summary report or a full page report on what these labels really mean.

If you have not done so yet, switch to a plant based diet to receive all the nutrients and antioxidants you need to prevent, treat, and cure many illnesses and diseases. Stop dealing with the middleman (meat, poultry, fish industries), and go to the source (plant based diet) for optimum health and well being.

In return, by eating a plant based diet as a vegan or vegetarian, you make the positive changes:
1. You contribute to the stoppage of farm animal cruelty
2. You contribute to the repair of the environment. Think of my "water wastage" post dated 9-28-11(link here for post) where I indicated that it takes 5000+ gallons of water to make 1 lb of beef. What about the toxic gases emitted in the air from factory farming?
3. You fight for social justice - stoppage of slave labor in other countries with factories
4. Last, but not least, you contribute to your overall long-term health and well-being.

What are you waiting for?
Are you still being a drama queen or king?
Get out of your own way, and STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF.
Make the change NOW to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.
Do it for you.
Do it for your children.
Do it for your family.
Do it for the farm animals, the environment, and social justice.
Just do it and don't turn back.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sister's Wednesday Quick Tip of The Day: How you can stop wasting our natural resources and feed the world!

Do you know that it takes 5000 + gallons of water to make 1 lb of beef , and it only takes 24 gallons of water to grow 1 lb of potatoes? Potatoes have far more health benefits and heals the body than meat. Potatoes can provide antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin B6, copper, potassium, manganese, and dietary fiber (link here for potatoes nutrient information from

Did you know that 80% of our corn is used to feed farm animals when 80% of the starving population can be fed with corn? Stop Factory Farming Now!

Become a vegan and save your life, animals lives, and save the environment.

Everything is related, even if you came to veganism or vegetarianism for health reasons. Everything is related. What you eat affects the environment.

Take a stand now for your health, the environment, for animal rights!

Read more about Factory Farming via Farm Sanctuary's website (link here). Farm Sanctuary is celebrating 25 years of saving animals, the environment, and healing people through a plant based lifestyle

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sister V's Tuesday Quick Tip of The Day: KALE VS MEAT...AND, THE WINNER IS....



Kale has 14 times more iron per calorie than a regular serving size of steak. What's a regular serving size of steak? In the US, a regular serving size of steak is 16oz (that's 1 lb of meat!) or 12oz for a moderate serving .

Kale has more and better quality protein than milk, cheese, and beef! Consequently, as I and always always indicated, you receive enough and sufficient protein from wholefoods!

Kale is a better source of calcium than dairy

~ Sister Vegetarian

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sister V's Article in Online Running Magazine "Black Girls Run"

I was asked by the online running magazine, Black Girls Run, to do a guest post on "Being Black and Vegan." Black Girls Run has posted that article which is getting positive rave reviews :)

Link here for my article on Black Girls Run entitled "Being Black and Vegan".

Link here for Black Girls Run Facebook Page and to read the reviews on my article.

Link here to learn about Black Girls Run online Magazine

~ Donna Beaudoin "Sister Vegetarian"

Sister's Reader's Sharing Their Stories: Battzi's 9-25-11 Update

Read Battzi's 9/25/11 Update on her over 2 week Fasting and the influence of the documentary "Forks Over Knives." Click here for Battzi's update

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Late To The Revolution!!

Above picture is the "Late To The Revolution" Logo
A Big Shout Out and THANK YOU to Late To The Revolution. Late To The Revolution is a vegan group who designs home-made, vegan t-shirts with powerful-activist statements as well as other products in support of veganism, animal rights, and social justice. I purchased my vegan t-shirt from Late To The Revolution for my upcoming speech at the Open Cage Alliance Oct 9th Baltimore, MD/Dc Area VegFest (click here for event). The t-shirt is beyond what I expected. It's soft, fits my curves perfectly, and the vegan activist statement is exactly what I'm feeling in this Healthy-Vegan-Animal Rights-Social Justice-Environmental Revolution that we are in! It is our duty to spread the word as vegans and vegetarians!

See what Late To the Revolution is doing to promote veganism in the community!

Late To The Revolution Etsy Store: click here

Late to The Revolution blog Vegangelical: Click here

~ Sister Vegetarian

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Farmer's Market Vegan Flat-Bread Pizza with Home-Made Vegan Garlic-Basil Pizza Dough

New Sister V Recipe:This is a satisfying Farmer's Market Vegan Heirloom Pizza made from a vegan home-made pizza crust. This pizza recipe is another vegan meal from my Saturday's $25 of 2 weeks of groceries Farmer's Market Shopping Trip . Link here for my recipe

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Farmer's Market Butternut Squash-Pear Vegan Soup Recipe that uses 2 TBSP of Date Paste from yesterday's Date Paste Recipe

Sister V's New Recipe: I just posted on the Sister V Recipe Page my Farmer's Market Butternut Squash-Pear Vegan Soup Recipe that uses 2 TBSP of Date Paste from yesterday's Date Paste Recipe.

Support your local farmer! Many farmers do use organic or environmental farming methods, but cannot afford the costly organic labeling fees. Supporting your local farmer is one way to fight against GMOS!

Link here for the recipe which also makes a great Vegan Thanksgiving accompaniment to a Vegan Thanksgiving!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Date Paste Recipe (a raw vegan recipe to use in place of agave, sugar, honey, or maple syrup)

Click here to link to Sister's Recipe Section for a naturally cinnamon and caramel tasting Date Paste which can be used in your tea, coffee, or any recipe calling for sweeteners.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Update! There is a Right To Know March on DC ...people are marching to stand up against GMOs, Monsanto, and other food atrocities!

Link here for details of a Right To Know March starting from NYC to DC starting Oct 1 and ending Oct 16 at the White House. The March is against GMOS (Genetically Modified Organisms in our Foods), Monsanto, and other companies damaging our food system. There is a sign up on the website. It's about time! We are standing up for our right to eat healthy foods! We will stand and be counted in this Food and Health Revolution!
~ Sister Vegetarian

Do you know what angers me? MONSANTO!! Guess who has been placed in charged of our food supply?




In an article by Jeffrey Smith at Huff Post Green, Jeffrey Smith states that "The person who may be responsible for more food-related illness and death than anyone in history has just been made the US food safety czar. This is no joke."

Guess who President Obama has appointed to head our food supply? Monsanto!

Obama has placed Monsanto to be in charge of all food and farms in the US by making Michael Taylor, Monsanto VP, head of the FDA Food Safety Division. If you are not familiar with Monsanto, then you should be! Monsanto created Agent Orange, and the illness affiliated additives MSG and ASPARTAME/NutraSweet ! They are also responsible for the genetically modified foods being consumed in the form of meat, dairy, chicken, fish, eggs, breads, processed foods, and non-organic vegetables and fruit!

I became a vegan for health reasons, but I ended up learning and educating myself about what was making me and other's sick. What cured me of consistent illnesses? A whole foods, especially organic whole foods based vegan lifestyle. A vegetarian and more so vegan lifestyle can save your life. As a vegetarian or vegan, you make a statement to the government that in the words of Civil Rights Activist Fannie Lou Hamer, "We are sick and tired of being sick and tired!" We are sick and tired of our foods being messed with through genetically modified technology.

In becoming healthy through veganism...I have become an activist for change...because I am just DARN MAD and sick and tired of the crap being perpetrated by the government into our food system.

If you are still a meat eater, or a vegan or vegetarian who think environmentalism, animal rights, and social justice is not your cup of tea. ...think again!

If you are still a meat eater who thinks you are okay with your meat, chicken, fish, or dairy...which may happen to be genetically altered and of course always injected with antibiotics, drugs, and lets not talk about the animals being fed waste poop, and other craps where many have heart attacks, cancers, and other diseases before they make it to your plate...think again...this concerns you the most!!

If you are a vegan or vegetarian who think and you are okay just eating healthy...think again. What you think you may be eating as healthy, may be influenced with genetically modified technology thanks to Monsanto.

Take a stand right now! STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!

Even if you still eat meat, fish, or poultry! Take a stand!

You will not stand by and watch the atrocities being perpetrated on our food system!


Stand up by reading the ingredients of what you purchase. Educate yourself through books, videos, blogs, websites, newspapers...

Stand up by becoming a vegetarian or vegan.

Stand up by passing my post and the accompany article links below to others.

This situation affects all of us whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian, or vegan.

Participate in the Right 2 Know March on Washington. Link here for details of a Right To Know March starting from NYC to DC starting Oct 1 and ending Oct 16 at the White House. The March is against GMOS (Genetically Modified Organisms in our Foods), Monsanto, and other companies damaging our food system. There is a sign up on the website. It's about time! We are standing up for our right to eat healthy foods! We will stand and be counted in this Food and Health Revolution!

Stand and be counted. I said it before and I'm saying it again.

We are in a food revolution.

Health Insurance starts with what we place in our mouths FIRST! Health insurance does not start with what the government wants to put into place within the health care industry. Health insurance starts with stopping Monsanto from controlling our food supplies!

Read the atrocities that are being perpetrated by the government to our food supply:

Read Jeffrey Smith's article at Huff Post Green entitled "You're Appointing Who? Please Obama, Say It's Not So! "

Read Food Freedom's article by Yumo Dood entitled "Monsanto’s FDA Goes After the Country’s Only Safe Milk" (click here)

Read Natural News article by Ethan Huff entitled "Monsanto pesticide found to infect plants with AIDS-like disease" (click here)



You ask me, "How do I take a stand for my food eat healthy?"

My answer: Become a vegan or vegetarian. If you are already a vegan or vegetarian, become an outspoken vegan or vegetarian. Teach and educate others. Let your voice be heard!

~ Donna Beaudoin "Sister Vegetarian"

Sister's Reader's Sharing Their Stories: Battzi's 9-18-11 Update on her week long Fasting

Read Battzi's Weekly Update on her week long fasting: click here

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Did you hear? Say what? Read what vegetarian and naturopathy experts are saying about Sister Vegetarian's 31 Days of Drama-Free Living



Link to Lantern Book's website to read vegetarian and naturopathy expert reviews of my book, Sister Vegetarian's 31 Days of Drama-Free Living (click here for reviews).

Read reviews by the following experts within the vegetarian and naturopathy community:

  • Martha Theus, author and founder of 21st Century Vegetarians

  • Chef Iccha Ra, The Reluctant Vegetarian

  • Dr. Turshá Hamilton, NMD, Naturopathic Physician
Sister Vegetarian's 31 Days of Drama-Free Living is my motivational and inspirational book for and about you in leading a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

I would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to my Sister V Blog Readers, Sister V Website Fans, Sister V Facebook Fans, Sister V Twitter Fans, Family, Friends, and Friends of Friends who have already pre-ordered, and will be pre-ordering through and Barnes and Noble online. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This book is for you with its motivational and inspirational messages, and vegan and vegetarian recipes. I am your sister confidant, lifestyle coach, motivator, and more in this book. It was written for you and about you! THANK YOU FOR pre-ordering!

If you have not done so already, please pre-order via the links below. Lantern Books's Website also includes a sample chapter and table of contents at their website link below.

In addition, don't forget that I will be speaking in a couple of weeks on Oct 9th at the Baltimore, MD/DC area VegFest. My speaking time will be 12:50 PM: click here for details of the event.


Are you curious to find out what's inside Sister Vegetarian's upcoming book "Sister Vegetarian's 31 Days of Drama-Free Vegetarian and Vegan Living"? Link to Lantern Books (click here) for the following samples of Sister's Book
1 - Table of Contents
2 - How to Use This Book as a Daily Guide
3 - Day 1: Victory

~ Sister Vegetarian

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

THANK YOU FOR PRE-ORDERING Sister Vegetarian's 31 Days of Drama-Free Living!

I would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to my Sister V Blog Readers, Sister V Website Fans, Sister V Facebook Fans, Sister V Twitter Fans, Family, Friends, and Friends of Friends! I received news from Lantern Books that my motivational book, Sister Vegetarian's 31 Days of Drama Free Living, has many anxious readers who have already pre-ordered through and Barnes and Noble online. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This book is for you with its motivational and inspirational messages, and vegan and vegetarian recipes. I am your sister confidant, lifestyle coach, motivator, and more in this book. It was written for you and about you! THANK YOU FOR pre-ordering!

If you have not done so already, please pre-order via the links below. Lantern Books's Website also includes a sample chapter and table of contents at their website link below.

In addition, don't forget that I will be speaking in a couple of weeks on Oct 9th at the Baltimore, MD/DC area VegFest. My speaking time will be 12:50 PM: click here for details of the event.


Are you curious to find out what's inside Sister Vegetarian's upcoming book "Sister Vegetarian's 31 Days of Drama-Free Vegetarian and Vegan Living"? Link to Lantern Books (click here) for the following samples of Sister's Book
1 - Table of Contents
2 - How to Use This Book as a Daily Guide
3 - Day 1: Victory

~ Sister Vegetarian

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sister's Reader's Sharing Their Stories: Battzi's 9-12-11 Update on "Fasting"

Read Battzi's 9-12-11 Update on Fasting to come back to "Be" One with nature, the universe, and yourself: click here for post

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sister's Monday Quick Tip of The Day: Sweet Potato Tortilla Wrap from my Saturday's $25 Farmer's Market Day

One of the meals that I made from my Saturday's trip to my local Farmer's Market (read Saturday's article here about $25 of produce for almost 2 weeks of produce) was a sweet potato tortilla. This recipe is from the Color Me Vegan cookbook by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. It was a quick recipe of 20 minute steamed 2 medium sweet potatoes, saute onions and sweet peppers, and seasonings of diced garlic and jalapeno pepper. I placed the sweet potato filling in a tortilla, rolled the tortilla, and topped it with vegan sour cream, salsa, and chopped turnip greens. I also served organic vegan blue tortilla chips on the side. I purchased my sweet potatoes, jalapeno peppers, and turnip greens from my Saturday farmer's market trip.

This is one of the best non-bean version tortilla or taco fillings I have ever tested! The recipe provided 3-4 servings.

Who says you can't eat vegan on a budget!

~ Sister Vegetarian

Saturday, September 10, 2011

VEGAN BUDGET: $25 and 2 weeks of produce at my farmer's market shopping trip: A SHOUT OUT TO MY FAVORITE FARMERS MARKET FARMER OF THE WEEK: COX FARMS!

This morning my husband and I visited our local Raleigh, NC Farmer's Market. It's one of the largest farmer's market within the NC Agricultural Building.

I usually purchase my farmers market produce from Wise Farms (click here for Wise Farms) as I have given awesome kudos to Wise Farms in past recipe posts.

SISTER V'S TROPHY AWARD: I must give a Sister V "YOU ROCK AND ARE AWESOME!" SHOUT OUT TO COX FARMS(click here for Cox Farms website and some vegan and vegetarian recipes). The majority of my farmers market purchases today were from Cox Farms!

Cox Farms is a husband and wife small farm who value their employees as family-which shows in the delicious, sweet and beautifully flavored and colored vegetables this family sells daily at the local farmer's market. Just a little about our Raleigh, NC Farmers Market : many chefs of sole-owned restaurants in the surrounding area towns shop at the market's market weekly, if not daily, because they know local, fresh produce means bringing quality to patrons.

Who says you can't shop on a budget! I purchased today for only $25 and approximately 2 weeks worth of the following whole foods: deliciously sweet green tomatoes that I already sliced for lunch and served with Italian crusty bread and olive oil with a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio White Wine on the side; red tomatoes; acorn squash; butternut squash; sweet potatoes; cabbage; cubanelle peppers; Serrano peppers; a bushel of small variety hot peppers; greens; heirloom tomatoes, heirloom, eggplant and heirloom zucchinis (yes, that's right heirloom zucchhnis and eggplants). Since I received 2 weeks worth of produce today for only $25, I'll freeze what I know that I will not be able to cook for the upcoming week.

Who says you can't eat healthy and inexpensively as a vegan or vegetarian! I could just eat what I purchased today without doing anymore grocery shopping for the week! Compare my farmers market bill to those still eating meat! A BIG DIFFERENCE as far as quality, fresh, healthy meals and more money in my purse!

Thank you Cox Farms! You made today's farmer's market experience the same wonderful, enjoyable trip that I love and always look forward to!

Support your local farmers. They may not label the produce as organic, but many do grow their crops as organic- they just can't afford the government's expensive certification to say it's organic! Or, if not organic, they do try to use environmentally friendly methods for growing produce. Buy local. Buy from your local farmer. THANK YOU COX FARMS! YOU ROCK! Cox Farms receives the AWESOME AWARD FROM SISTER V THIS WEEK!

~ Sister Vegetarian

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sister's Friday Thoughts of The Day: We have no choice but to come full circle-everything is connected


Whether you initially became a vegan or vegetarian for health reasons as I did, or came to this lifestyle first for animal rights and environmentalism - everything comes full circle. I became more involved with animal rights activism as in my February 2011 protest against Ringling Brothers Circus and my March for Animal Rights that same week. If you came to veganism or vegetarianism for animal rights and environmentalism, you end up becoming more knowledgeable about the health benefits of these lifestyles. We are all a family in this vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. As we live as vegans and vegetarians...this beautiful lifestyle...we grow and become more knowledgeable. We use this advancement in knowledge acquired through reading, videos, forums, blogs, vegfests, and sharing of information with friends and strangers to advance ourselves in truth and understanding; to teach and motivate others; and, to become the protectors of the earth, environment, and abused animals. I will be spreading the word of vegan and vegetarian health benefits and animal rights activism in a few weeks at the Baltimore, MD VegFest. I will be speaking at the Oct 9th Baltimore, MD VegFest sponsored by Open The Cage Alliance. I will speak on veganism and animal rights activism (click here for details)

If you have not done so already, read John Robbins 1987 infamous book, Diet for A New America. John Robbins was suppose to be the heir to the Baskins Robbins empire; but, he declined his father's offer and monetary support to live as a vegan and vegan activist. John continues to teach others about the importance of a vegan lifestyle for one's health and is an international spokesperson within the realm of animal rights activism. Diet for A New America has brought many to veganism and vegetarianism for over 20 years. John and his wife lived on $600 a year, and ate from what they grew themselves for a couple of years after he declined to take over the family ice cream business due to his awareness of the correlation between food and health. Want more knowledge? Listen to John Robbins' March 2009 interview on Vegan Radio (click here)

If you were inspired by my February 9, 2011 animal rights activism against Ringling Brothers Circus and my February 12, 2011 March for Animal Rights, then view a video from PETA about Cloris Leachman's animal rights activism against Ringling Brothers Circus (click here)

Even if you came to veganism or vegetarianism for health reasons, eventually you will realize that everything is connected and become an activist yourself overnight. It just happens when you're sick and tired of being sick and tired. By supporting animal rights, you realize how the abuse and mistreatment of animals have a correlation to the diseases of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, flu viruses, and more that are prevalent and still on the rise.

~ Sister Vegetarian

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sister's Thursday Quick Tip of The Day: Avocados can lower cholesterol?

Avocado Facts:

- Avocados are the good fat!
-Avocados have 60% more potassium than bananas
-Avocados are excellent sources of Vitamins C and E
-Avocados have 4 times the amount of a phytosterol called Beta-Sitosterol than common fruits and double the amount than whole foods. Beta-Sitosterol reduces blood cholesterol levels
-Avocados are rich in antioxidants to prevent certain types of cancer and heart disease

Reference: Becoming vegan: the complete guide to adopting a healthy plant-based diet by Brenda Davis, R.D. and Vesanto Melina, M. Sc., R.D

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sister's Wednesday Quick Tip of The Day: Sources of Calcium without the dairy


Who needs dairy to acquire calcium? The truth is, we do not need dairy products for calcium. The protein present in dairy products can actually make our bodies more acidic and draw calcium from our bones, thus depleting our calcium source. Let's not forget the inhumane treatment to dairy animals.

Below are non-dairy and calcium rich alternatives for acquiring our calcium:

beans (black beans, garbanzo beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, navy beans, soybeans)
Raw broccoli
bean sprouts
collard greens
turnip greens
Nuts (almonds, cashews, pine nuts)
Seeds (Flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds)
Fruit (apples, bananas, cantaloupe, figs)
brown rice
sweet potatoes
raw carrots
fortified non dairy milks (almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, rice milk)

even more vegan foods than listed above !! Source: Becoming vegan: the complete guide to adopting a healthy plant-based diet by Brenda Davis, R.D. and Vesanto Melina, M. Sc., R.D

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sister's Tuesday Quick Tip of The Day: 1 minute raw vegan jam recipe makes 3 in all for healthy and inexpensive eating


This is the third jam recipe for you to choose from in making a healthy alternative to store bought jams. The cost to make these jams are also cheaper than store bought versions. No preservatives and corn syrup that you would see listed in store bought jams label ingredients.

You do not need to be a raw vegan to enjoy this recipe. I love all three jam recipes that I have given you thus far; but, hands down, the recipe below which uses dates and strawberries is my favorite.

To recap the past vegan jam recipes:

3. 1 minute Raw Vegan Jam Recipe with Dates(recipe below)

1 Minute Raw Vegan Jam Recipe with Dates ** Sister's Favorite, BUT ALL 3 all delicious!

Makes 1 16oz jar of jam

Time: 1 minute to process

Cost: approximately $3.00


1 lb strawberries, clean, cut off stems

6 dates, de-seeded

zest from 1 lemon


1. Place strawberries in food processor and process for about 30seconds. Just until its slightly chopped

2. Add dates and zest, process for another 30 seconds to 1 minute. The jam should be between slightly smooth but with slightly rough chops of strawberries

3. Place in mason jar or reusable glass jar ( I like to reuse my glass Tahini jars which makes a nice 16oz size for the jam). Serve immediately or refrigerate.My jam keeps for 2 weeks, refrigerated

~ Sister Vegetarian

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vegan Hurricane Food Preparedness List by Sister Vegetarian (based on my survival skills as a backpacker)

In continuation of my 8/26/11 post on preparing for a hurricane as a vegan or vegetarian, and protecting our pets, one of Sister's Blog Readers asked me to post a food hurricane preparedness list for vegans. I love requests from readers to inspire others. The list is based on my experiences in surviving in situations as a backpacker without electricity and limited water. I have also had power outages for as long as a week in my own home due to hurricanes and severe snow storms.

To formulate the list, I used some of my backpacking ideas and skills. Similar to hurricane and tornado preparedness skills, preparing for a backpacking trip is basically, the incorporation of survival skills over 1 day to longer periods of time of even a month or more (for those during backpacking trips such as the Appalachian and the Pacific Crest Trail) where there is no electricity, limited water supply, and nothing available that you are use to having on a daily basis within your comfy, cozy home. When hurricanes and tornadoes strike that leave us without electricity, running water, and even in some cases within an emergency shelter, it is good to have some comforting vegan or vegetarian meals to help relieve stress, to keep your strength and energy up, and provide some peace of mind in the midst of a storm and its aftermath. Here is my list of vegan foods and items to have you ready for a hurricane or tornado. Although this list is vegan focused- this list also applies to vegetarians where non-dairy items during a hurricane with lost of power and no refrigeration is essential.

Tip: Being a backpacker, my husband and I always have our individual backpack ready for spur of the moment backpacking trips with emergency items, 3 backpacking cooking pots (these pots are small with a total weight of all three combined of less than 1 LB), tent, sleeping bag/sleeping mat and clothing that I will wear during the backpacking trip of usually a week or less. This is an international practice among all backpackers. The backpack is kept in our spare room as many backpackers, or garage. The only thing that needs to be added to our backpack the night or day before a trip is the food items. I suggest that although you may not backpack, try keeping for you and your family at all times individual backpacks (small to large size backpacks, your choice) filled with emergency essentials and a change or two of clothing in case of emergencies. For the food items listed, we always have some (if not all) the food items on hand to take backpacking and which also work well in emergency hurricane and tornado situations where loss of power and the inevitable emergency shelter may be your destination for the night(s).

Vegan Hurricane Preparedness List :

Essential Non-food items:

- ICE Card - an international index card or paper folded in your wallet with emergency numbers of people to call in case something happens to you and you are unconscious, or the worse. ICE is the international acronym for In Case of Emergency, call these people.

- First Aid Kit (always kept in my backpack and never leaves it, even if trips are months apart)

- Use your patio grill or a camping stove to cook, boil water, or reheat items

- Purchase camping cooking pots, and camping eating utensils that travel easily, and require inexpensive fuel at only $4.00 for a 16oz Coleman propane tank that fits many camping Coleman grills. Click here for my article on purchasing these grills for emergency hurricane situations

- Foil emergency blanket which reduces heat losses in a person's body. This was developed in 1964 by NASA (read more about the blanket). Approximate cost is $1.50 per individual pack - the pack fits in your purse with folded pack dimensions of approximately 3x5. These are also the blankets that you see marathon runners wearing after a race is completed. These can be purchased at Walmart, Target, Dicks Sporting Goods Store, REI, or any sports store.

- Waterproof matches, available at Walmart, Target, or any sports store

- Emergency Hand-Crank Radio. Many models include plug-ins to recharge your cell phone and includes built-in flashlights that last 2+ minutes after hand-cranking. Many stores tend to have these on sale from a basic hand crank radio of $9.00 to $60+. Available at Walmart, Target, or any sports store that specializes in camping.

- Flashlights (handheld). Some can attach to backpacks or have a strap that wraps around your wrist or attached to your pants.

- Dog or cat glow-in dark collar, or flashing red emergency lights device that attached to the dog collar to see your dog when lights are out on the streets. Another inexpensive camping tool found at Pet Stores, Walmart, Target, or sporting stores).

- Rechargeable and un-rechargeble batteries

- cell phone car recharger

-Pet supplies: ID intact on collar, collar, leash, food, water, bowls, medications, pet carry containers if normally used. Note: For backpacking, my dogs have collapsible bowls that wash easily in the washing machine and folds into my pocket. Found at Pet Stores, inexpensively.

-Personal documents (i.e. insurance papers) and necessary bills/account information in watertight container (try using a zip lock bag).

- Your medications and list of medications/allergies

- Heavier blanket kept in your vehicle at all times.

Emergency Food Items:

- Water. Use your BPA Free re-usable water containers. For emergencies only and backpacking trips, in addition to my re-usable drinking containers, I purchase a couple of 24 cases of bottled water. Our home is on well water, so if the power goes out (and, trust me it does often even during less severe storms), there is no drinking water through the taps until the power is restored.

- Teas or coffee (to keep warm, or just maintain your sanity in the midst of storms when the electricity goes out). Camping stoves come in handy in boiling water in 1 minute or less in the camping pots.

- canned chick peas, red beans, black beans, pinto beans, white beans - Make soups by just adding water heated on your camping stove. Make hummus - beans can be mashed with a fork to make a hummus spread with the addition of Tahini or organic peanut butter, lemon juice, and dry spices such as garlic, and parsley. Wrap beans in tortillas or fresh collards for a quick meal. Add to quinoa or bulghur for filling meals.

- lemon juice or lemons: makes a great deodorant; energizer and pick-me-ups when added to your water; add to canned beans for hummus; makes a quick salad dressing with just a squeeze on the raw greens you have on hand; makes a quick accompaniment to sliced apples when squeezed on top and prevents apples from turning quickly when sliced; antiseptic for cuts and mosquito bites; and other numerous ideas (click here)

- fresh fruits - no refrigeration needed in many cases for a while. Enjoy!

- fresh collard greens, kale, mustard greens, turnip greens, beet greens, Swiss Chards - eat these as a salad once the power goes out for a quick, nutritious meal with loads of vitamins and anti-oxidants to keep you healthy during these stressful times. Add onions, tomatoes, lemon juice, hummus, canned beans (drained), and more. Enjoy this fulfilling meal over more than one day. Greens will not spoil as fast if you keep them in your refrigerator although the power has gone out.

- Frozen meals you cooked yourself, home-made, from a few days or weeks ago. Use the camping pots and camping grill to defrost these items, and enjoy a hot meal (remember, do not use camping grills indoors)

- homemade jams, vegan jams, or organic peanut butter on home-made bread or vegan bread are great for nutritious, quick breakfasts. Take it from a backpacker, peanut butter on bread for breakfast took me to long hikes to reach a 6700 ft summit in the wilderness.

- Organic peanut butter and/or organic Tahini

- vegan crackers - great for hummus and peanut butter sandwiches

- vegan flour tortillas (many do not require refrigeration after opening). Wrap a tortilla around canned beans (drained), fresh greens, squirt of lemon juice, tomatoes, onions, etc for quick lunches and dinners.

- nuts and raisins to eat individual as a snack or power-pack protein lunch if combined to make the backpacker's infamous GORP (Good Old fashion Raisins and Nuts)

- Quinoa or Bulghur- water can be heated on your camping stove for a quinoa or bulghur breakfast, side dish to a meal, or a meal itself by adding the canned beans to the quinoa or bulghur.

- Couscous - just add hot water and let it sit for a quick side dish, or meal with beans in 10 minutes. This is great is you are in a shelter! Ask for hot water and pour over the couscous. Let the couscous sit for 10 minutes or the directions time on the package.

- Fresh carrots stay a long time as a meal with hummus, peanut butter, or Tahini. Carrots have loads of Vitamin A and Antioxidants to keep you healthy!

-Cucumbers - try a cucumber sandwich on your favorite vegan bread. Just squeeze some lemon juice on the cucumbers and sprinkle with salt and pepper

- Dry herbs and spices are great to add flavor to unheated meals or meals cooked on the camping stove. A backpackers tip is to purchase a backpackers spice holder (holds 2 - 5 spices in a hand-held plastic container) for as little as $2.99 and add spices from your cabinet to take with you in case of an emergency.

- Make your own canned vegan food before an emergency hits to preserve the food you have in your refrigerator, and to sane money (read Battzi's 9/4/11 post on canning)

- TIP: As a backpacker, I open the canned beans, rinse, and drain at home before my trip. I place in individual zip lock bags and take with me on my backpacking trips. The zip lock bags weigh less than cans, and you have more room in your backpack for other essential food items.

- TIP: Backpackers have a secret. Many backpacking foods now carry vegan and organic vegan options. One backpacking company that specializes in vegan and vegetarian backpacking foods is Mary Jane's Farm. Just because it says "for backpacking", don't be put off. Just heat up water on your camping stove and add to the meals for an emergency breakfast, lunch, or dinner in many cases 10 minutes or less. The water is added to the insulated, recyclable package, so no extra pots or even plates are needed. Backpackers learn to be minimalists and one with nature as our motto is "leave no trace behind."

Last But Not Final Note on Emergency Vegan Preparedness: There are so many options as a vegan to prepare for a hurricane or tornado emergency. Many of our foods do not require refrigeration, or refrigeration for long periods of time as meat, chicken, fish, and dairy products. The options are limitless as a vegan or vegetarian using vegan meal options to prepare for emergency situations whether your power is lost at home, in the neighborhood, or you are forced to take shelter in an emergency shelter building or friends/family home. You will never be without a nutritious and power-packed meal!

- Donna M. Beaudoin "Sister Vegetarian"

Sister's Readers Sharing Their Stories: Battzi's ideas on canning your own food as vegetarians and vegans

Read Battzi's 9/4/11 update and her ideas on returning to ways of our grandparents and great-grandparents by canning our own food: click here

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update on my Oct 9th Speech at the Baltimore, MD VegFest


Open The Cage Alliance (OTCA) has updated the official website of the Oct 9th Baltimore VegFest. Click here for speaker details where I will be one of the speakers for the event. Music and vendor information is also included at the official VegFest website. ~ Sister Vegetarian

Sister's Friday Quick Tip of The Day: Forks Over Knives is available for viewing through Netflix Streaming to your TV or Computer


If you have not seen the infamous life changing documentary Forks Over Knives as yet in your local movie theatre or you would like to see the movie again, Forks over Knives is available through Netflix's Online Streaming through your TV or computer; or, available by DVD. You can also purchase the companion book after viewing the movie.

Here's my 5/18/11 re-post on information about the documentary:

If you have not seen the new documentary, Forks Over Knives, which is also based on Dr. T. Colin Campbell (The China Study) and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn over 30 years of study on plant based diet, then please make this a MUST SEE! The movie supports what us vegetarians and vegans have known and why many of us switched to a plant based diet: a plant based lifestyle can prevent and reverse heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer.

Here's the movie's website link which includes states where the movie is being shown:click here

In addition, here is one of the participants in the documentary, SanDera Nation, whose diabetes was reversed and cured from a plant based diet: click here

~ Sister Vegetarian