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Sunday, August 14, 2011

I should have died 8-1/2 years ago...but, HOPE was present

8-1/2 years ago on 2/19/03, I should have been pronounced dead.

I was in a car accident on my way to work and a tractor trailer t-boned my sports car on the highway. It was the day after an ice storm, and the roads were icy. I thought this was the end. I had no control of my car as my driver's door was hooked onto the grill of the truck. I was so below the truck's front window that the driver at first did not realize my car was attached. I looked up and his eyes locked with mine as the truck carried me across the highway center lane a few feet. I was not not religious whereas I although I was brought up in the baptist church, my last presence in church was at 18. I was 36 now. However, I was spiritual and still am very profoundly spiritual - I never stopped believing in and always thanking a Higher Power. The only thing that came upon my lips as the truck had my car attached and I was helpless to maneuver my car was "God, please help me." At that moment, and I do believe in a divine presence of help, my car was released from the grips of death. Upon my car being released from the grill of the truck, it was carried the remaining part of the way from the middle lane to the far left lane and crashed into a highway guard rail that seem to have outstretched itself as though it had arms to cradle me to prevent my car from flipping. The car just stopped its momentum and rested against the guard rails. I have seem cars flipped on that same highway on similar guard rails, but my car just rested as though she was tired and done.

One of my brothers who was a state trooper at the time said he never saw anyone survive an accident as I experienced. Do you know that guard rail was never fixed- I am reminded of that day every time I pass that point on the highway with the guard rail bent into the form of my car. Three cars plus the truck driver stopped and rushed to my aid. I had to climb out of my car's window. One driver who ran to my rescue said he thought...all of them thought...I was dead. No one...including myself...could believe that I was alive...let alone that I crawled out of the car and walked. I stood shaking and was in shock that I was alive.

I did not know it then, but my body was so in shock that my muscle bruises and leg bruises of a many ton truck carrying my car was not felt until that night at home. The next day after my car accident, I had problems walking. I was home for 1-1/2 months where I could not walk a few steps without pain. I walked like a baby learning to walk for the first time. I just could not move 5 steps without my husband carrying me back to bed or the sofa. I went to a neurologist and had so many tests done-all to say my body was just badly abused. Good news, but I still had to wrestle with how long would it take for me to walk again without resting after 5 steps and without pain.

I had faith in those months that I will get better. I did get better within a couple of months. I now hike, backpack, and have run long distance races and a half-marathon. 8-1/2 years ago, I used the 1-1/2 months at home to re-think my life- it's purpose. I began to eat vegetarian again. I wavered again for years after that as you know, which is why I am bringing to you my book Sister Vegetarian's 31 Days of Drama-Free Living and Vegan Living because I have walked the walked, and talked the talked. I won't lie and say it's easy to transition. but it does come easy.

In the 1-1/2 months I was home recuperating, I also had a vision that night of my accident. I was in the middle of a field and people were going to war. I was able to walk onto the battle-field, but an image came to me and said, "you're time is not yet for you will need to lead people." I then woke up. I did not know what that meant and I pondered that dream's meaning for years. I knew there is always a purpose in every one's life. At that time, I queried, what was my purpose? I did not know until now what that dream meant. I have lead 10 people I know personally to either a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, and have led countless others of no faces or names to this healthy lifestyle which brings us wealth in health. My dad as you know has pancreatic cancer, and he went vegetarian himself and his caner marker went from a 500 to 194 as a vegetarian and without chemo. With the chemo and not as a vegetarian, he was told it was incurable and was given a life sentence of no hope. The chemo almost killed him with blood clots in the lungs, so he stopped the chemo and became a vegetarian - this is when his body started to heal. The oncologists and other physicians were dumb-founded, but I knew that a vegetarian and more so a vegan lifestyle can prevent, and even cure some illnesses. It's still early in his illness; but, I...we see hope.

Keeping the faith that by leading this lifestyle - there is hope. We can all act as mentors spreading the gospel of the benefits of this lifestyle. As I have said many times, just by the way we lead our lives as vegetarians or vegans, even by doing or saying something, we are doing something. We are influencing people every second, every minute, and every hour by our positive actions as vegetarians or vegans.

My message today is to stay encouraged and keep hope. Don't lose hope when the wind blows or rain falls. Rain and wind can be soothing, and often needed to get us where we need to go. 8 years ago, I should have died but in that car there was some form of hope that I had which broke my bond from the truck's grill and freed me to be here today to spread this beautiful message of hope through a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Hope that family illnesses you thought were genetic do not need to exist in you. Hope that your illness can be cured. Hope that you can prevent illnesses. Hope that you will be healed. Hope that you can influence family, friends, and acquaintances to come to this lifestyle. Remember, my "certified meat-eating husband?" Well, he's now a vegetarian for over 2 months and loving it! One of his brothers and his mother have also converted to this lifestyle.

I have not been to church in years where people use to get up and testify of the goodness in their lives, but being the spiritual person I am, I can testify to you today that hope exists that Mother Earth brings us the bounty of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grains we need to live healthy, to live strong, to live illness and disease free. I am a living testament...a walking testament to being healed and have witness healing in my family through this lifestyle. Hope is like a tiny mustard seed. It's may be so small and minute, that it can flourish and become a beautiful, strong, plant (Mustard Greens) that heal and nourish. When the rain comes in your life, catch that rain in a water barrel and use it to water your dreams; use it to flood your fears out; and, use it to grow individually, upwardly, and outwardly. Hope will bring you out of the darkness and into the light.

What is your testament of Hope?

Share with me your story. I would love to hear from you. You can email me at or leave a comment below.

~ Sister Vegetarian




Maggi said...

Wow!!! You are an inspiration

Sister Vegetarian said...

Thank you Maggi :)
May the rest of your day, and upcoming week be fruitful, beautiful and blessed :)