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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nutritional Slavery or It Aint Meant for Us! by Battzi "Sister Okra"

Nutritional Slavery or It Ain't Meant For Us!
by Battzi "Sista Okra"
* you can also find Sister Okra at her blog Going Green and Lean*

Spring is a time when people want to go outside and enjoy nature. I love the Spring because people begin to plant gardens. I remember the gardens of my Grandmother and the other elders as I was growing up. The nutrition from those gardens delighted us when it was supper time. But what has happened in the Black communities of America? Something nefarious. Something debilitating. Something intentional. Lets define some words that shall be used in this article.

Nutrition: The act or process of nourishing or being nourished specifically the sum of the processes by which an animal or plant takes in and utilizes food substances.

Intentional: Done by design or intention. a determination to act in a certain way.

Slavery: A submission to a dominating influence. the state of a person who is a chattel of another.

The first statement that I want to impart to you is this: the SAD or the Standard American Diet was not meant for Black people to follow. It relied heavily on meat, sugar, salt, heavy foods. This type of diet was perfect for the Europeans that came here to America. This food allowed them to settle this country. But something was amiss. Something I believe was a result of their diet. The stamina was not up to par. Hence, the need for others to come and do the work of building, clearing the land, planting the fields, etc. I am not going to discuss the slave trade because we have studied that in our schools and universities. We have books and papers to plumb the depths of this subject. My concern is with Nutrition. There are many forms of slavery, sisters. Financial, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and...Nutritional. Our ancestors knew that all foods from the earth sustained life. The power of these foods gave us the energy, the stamina to walk, laugh, play, fight, love back in the Motherland. The Europeans ate meat and wore the skins of animals. Well, you do that where it is ice and snow. What I am trying to say is that our ancestors gave the world the Natural Movement. Out of Africa.... To see the Natural Movement today, you'd never know that many Blacks are a part of it or even know about it. Sisters, it came from us and it is time to reclaim it. The SAD or the Standard American Diet was not meant for us. I shall state this again: THE STANDARD AMERICAN DIET WAS NOT MEANT FOR BLACK FOLKS! The eating of meat, heavy starches without moderation, salt, sugar, artery-blocking fats was a part of the European lifestyle.They needed this food to help them in their conquest of this land. This land that they call theirs really belonged to others but we won't go into that.

How do you keep a group of people on the lowest rung of life? What is the most important substance? Food! Do you want to keep a group of people physically stunted, mentally below par, financially in poverty, spiritually dumb, do not give them the proper nutrition that they will need to advance to the next level. This is what was done and is being done to Black people and especially the Black woman. Why do I state this? Ladies, we are the ones who bring about the next generation. We are the "blankets" that the little ones need. They are nourished by what we put in our mouths. But if the food at your shopping place is of the lowest quality, what do you think that the quality of your child's mind/thoughts will be? Inferior food is done for a reason. It is done to keep you in a state of submission. Processed foods are loaded with fats, sugar, salt. Obesity, Diabetes, Edema, Heart and Kidney problems etc. are the plagues of our communities. Our children are the ones being labeled as ADD and ADHD. Our children are being thrown into Special Education classes regardless if it is warranted or not. Have you ever stopped to wonder why?Keep the children hyped up on sugar. Keep the vegetables loaded down with Salt Pork, Bacon, Lowry's Seasoning Salt, etc. Have your desserts loaded down with butter and white sugar. That is another fact, ladies. Anything white is NOT good for you. This is NOT a racial statement. It is a nutritional fact.

Inferior food is done by design or intention. This is my humble opinion and no person has to take my word for anything. In fact, I suggest that you don't. Read, study for yourself. Take a trip to the Library, use the free Internet in the Library and look up the subject of Nutrition. Read, study about animal and plant food substances.

Ladies, I am advocating a plant-based diet for you, your children, your health! Yes, I am advocating this. What have you got to lose? Well, weight, diabetes, swollen ankles, thunder thighs, bubble butts, love handles and a host of other physical characteristics. Your child or children could have the energy needed to study, to learn, to grow up without the weight problems that seem to haunt our communities. They could concentrate and have the mental clarity needed to master their worlds. I know that you love your babies. You want the best for them. I want the best for them. Start to feed them what their little bodies need and what your body needs. Increase your vegetables and lessen the meat. Are the vegetables in your community inferior? DEMAND BETTER!!! If they are in your communities to make money, make them serve you and your welfare. Do not give your money until you are satisfied!!! You have a church on every corner in the Black community. Pastors, come on now. Get together and rent farm land or go to a farmer and ask him if he could/would set aside a portion of land so that your congregations could plant fresh vegetables for their health and communities. Building Funds are important in their respective places. But if your congregations are dying out before their time, what good is a Building Fund? It is great that your choir is the bomb but if your singers are sick with diabetes, loaded down with weight, etc. what good is that to you?

Put aside the stupidity and be concerned with your people. Plant those gardens and let the people harvest the fresh veggies that their bodies so badly need. Whatever is left over, please set up a place in your churches that the community outside of your churches could benefits as well. Getting back to the earth is beneficial to your body and mind. Open up an Exercise Class in your church in a room that is not used a lot. Have one in the Morning so that those who can come only in the morning can take advantage of it. Have one for the Afternoon or the Evening. Keep it to a time that people could walk safely to and from the exercise class. Get the children involved in exercise. Kids love to run and jump. Exercise based on the needs of children abound. Make the effort to find these resources.

Get people who know about nutrition to come in and teach your people about proper eating. Stop all the Fried Chicken dinners, Ham dinners, Pork Chop dinners, Greens loaded with sodium. Learn and teach your people how to cook with their health in mind. Have Vegetarians or Vegans come in and show your congregations how to prepare dishes that will foster health and not death.

Are you on EBT? You can really make your benefits work for you. Learn how to steam your veggies, make smoothies etc. Load your baskets with greens, fruit, soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, almonds and other nuts if you can eat them, fruits, brown rice, wheat, pumpernickel breads, whole grains. I know you could keep more of your Food Stamp $$$ if you do this. You'll feel better. You'll look better. Your mind/thoughts will become clearer, old habits, problems, situations that you may have worried over will suddenly have the solution. Good foods do this for the mind. The nutrients from vegetables are enough to sustain us. You do not need meat to live. You need REAL FOOD to live. Aggression goes into getting that meat to your table. Aggression is what you intake when you eat meat. I really do believe this. You sit and eat steak, beef and wonder why you are yelling,killing and walking in a offensive/defensive stance all the time. Always ready to kill and destroy. Your diet does influence you and your surroundings.

Do not think that those who want your impoverishment have not thought of this. These people are NOT stupid. They study and think when you sleep. Don't hand your life or the lives of your children to them on a silver platter. Listen to what is inside of you. Within you is the truth. Need a Biblical reason? Genesis 1:29 can be a starting point for you. It was for me. It has more meaning than being used to justify "weed" or marijuana. This is/was G-D's Diet Plan for us. Because of forced captivity or slavery, the Edenic knowledge was stripped from us and replaced with a knowledge that does not mean us any good.

The SAD diet is death to and for us. I cannot stress this enough. It impairs our eggs needed to bring in new life. It weakens the strength of the sperm in our men. We become weak people who give birth to weak children. STOP IT!!! Get off this bandwagon of death. Speak Life! Think Life! Teach Life! Eat Life! Those who did not, and, in many cases, still do not care for us want us in bad health and with unhealthy actions. Just because something was done in the long ago does not always make it right. You have to put an end to the curses of bad health. It has to stop with YOU! Only you can change your lives. If you want to get something, attract something, YOU have to BECOME what YOU desire. When eating, according to our definitions, we take in and utilize food substances. Lets make the food be the best that we can get. Our destruction via our health was done by design or intention. Our ignorance has kept it going and growing. It is time to throw off the shackles of nutritional ignorance and step into the light. The nutritional slavery that we were under and are still under in many cases keeps us submitted to the/a dominating influence that would have us nutritionally killed off as soon as possible. Our nutritional sins have kept us as a chattel of the pill bottle.

Easter is coming. Make a resolution to resurrect your life as well as your soul. Make a pledge to try to eat better for 3 to 5 days. If you can make it that far, you are on your way to a 10-day clean-up. Then a 20-day, 25-day. Make a 30-day clean-up your goal to reach. Write down how you feel each day. Notice the physical changes, mental changes, emotional changes, spiritual changes. Yes, you'll change in more ways than one. I believe in you. I really do. Show the world and each other that we care about ourselves, that we want the best and are willing to fight for it!
~ Battzi "Sister Okra"


The Tall One said...

Thank you.
My dear brother, Yusef just sent me an email about the wonderful article you've shared with the blogosphere. You've given me inspiration to actually start cooking more. Don't misunderstand me, I eat well. I work hard and enjoy what I do and eating well is one of the highlights of my life. I live in Korea and have access to a plant based diet. Their diets are based on vegetables and rice. Beef is popular here but is usually eaten on special occasions as it a bit expensive. Most Koreans are very surprised when I tell them that I rarely eat meat. This is due to them believing (and with good reason) that Americans eat steak, hamburgers, etc. on a daily basis.
I love Korean food and Korean food is extremely healthy and inexpensive, so there's no reason to not eat well here. Before any other commentors say that that "eating healthy is expensive", I'd like for them to think about the big picture. What you eat, how much you eat is a direct reflection of what you think about yourself, value yourself. Eating healthy food does not take a lot of money. It's so sad watching overweight or obese children in the U.S. I'm amazed each time I simply go grocery shopping with my mother or brother the degree that children and/or their parents have literally physically expanded. I mean, we had gym class when I was in school. Yes, I'm 41 and proud of it! Ha! McDonald's was an occasional "treat". Now, sadly it's how a lot of children are fed on a daily basis. There's no way my mother would've even thought of serving that to my father or us as an actual meal. after a hard day's work. My father did NOT play around when it came to food.
What has happened to our standards as a people?

ms.hawk said...

I believed your article was informative and held some very good recommendation. However unless this article was meant as a satire, the reference to "food stamps" was quite offensive.

Sister Vegetarian said...

Thank you Ms. Hawk for your comment and reading Sister Vegetarian. Just to clarify your comment on Battzi’s article, what the writer Battzi indicated was that for those even on fixed incomes via government assistance programs as food stamps, their dollar can be stretched by purchasing fresh produce, grains, and dry beans rather than processed foods which tend be unhealthy and more expensive in regards to food preparation and extending one's dollar. I also grew up in a low income family, although not food stamps, and had many friends whose families were on food stamps. The families, as my parents purchased fresh produce to make meals that were economical rather than processed foods. I speak with many families who are also doing this to make healthy and economical meals, and are appreciative for such advice. Battzi gave advice for all income levels, and was not meant to be offensive. Please see the beauty of everyone being able to eat healthy without spending a lot of money. It’s a beautiful thing to live in health for all income levels. Sister Vegetarian and her reader posts are always meant to assist in the most loving and beautiful way so we can take back our health, and live life beautifully  Thank you again for reading Sister Vegetarian, and I hope you continue to be a reader. Have a beautiful day and upcoming week  ~ Donna “Sister Vegetarian”