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Friday, January 15, 2010

It's like we are living in "The Matrix" or Living in "Zion"

Science Lab (GM Foods) vs my local farmers:

picture of produce I purchased at my local farmers market from the owners of L&G Farms and Wise Farms (Non-GM)

“We are growing crap. The corn has no nutritional value”… Farmer from the documentary “King Corn”

After taking a bite of the corn, the documentarian of King Corn stated that the corn “tastes like crap….No it tastes like paper.”… “King Corn” documentary

“The farmers markets were another step to giving people an opportunity to take more power over their own lives-and also to provide another outlet for organic produce. That is important because the production and distribution of food is increasingly being monopolized and controlled by large corporate structures, large financial structures.” ~ Jerry Brown, California Attorney General and People Rights Activist

Genetically Modified Foods (also known as GM or GMO, Genetically Modified Organisms), sounds like something out of “The Matrix” movie. Those who live free of technological control as in the movie “The Matrix” are those living a life of organic freedom, free thoughts, free control of one’s mind and what one puts in ones body. In “The Matrix” movie, they called it living in Zion-a community free of technology control.

In 2010, we are not far from this concept of living in Zion vs. living in technology controlled means (GM Foods). The way GM foods have made its way into mainstream America without the average individual having no concept of how far reaching GM foods stretch from simple items as the non-organic tofu vegetarians eat to the Big Macs “not yet set free of meat constraints” that carnivores consume. The US government first introduced GM foods mainstream into the food system in 1994 starting with a tomato, called Flavr Savr. GM tomatoes have made its way into our non-organic tomato based products such as canned tomato soups, tomato pastes, and all varieties of canned tomatoes. GM foods have touched the big crop of corn whereas the GM corn is also used to make fructose; artificial sweeteners; corn syrup as used in sodas and non-organic fruit juices; preservatives to preserve frozen foods, packaged, and processed meals; fed to cows and chickens raised for killing to sell in grocery stores where these animals are sick from the GM corn before they are even slaughtered for shipping to stores; cooking oil such as vegetable and canola oil that are used in homes for deep frying, baking, oven frying, and more; and, names that sound like you need a Rosetta Stone foreign language course to pronounce and spell the names on boxes of food, frozen foods, and breads on grocery store shelves.

Just to illustrate the expanse of GM foods, in 1996 a few million acres were planted to GM Foods. By 2002, the acres planted to GM foods was well over 120 million acres concentrated in only 4 countries where the US grew 68 percent of the crops (source: Food, Inc. by Peter Pringle). US’ neighbor Canada only grew 6 percent of the GM crops which left Argentina with 22 percent and China 3 percent of the GM crops. The 1 percent of this total 99 percent was concentrated in small areas elsewhere globally.The US was the ring leader in this GM takeover.

Those who choose to live free of technology created foods are those living in “Zion” and still had free thought in my opinion. Freedom to choose life and health.

It has been documented that GM foods cause many health ailments and carry carcinogens and which may explain an increase in cancer that is rising at a fast rate, especially amongst the younger generation of 20 to 30 year olds. In the movie King Corn, it was stated that this current young generation of 20 -30 something year olds will live a shorter life than their parents and grandparents due to the abundance of consumption of GM foods. Max Gerson, a physician in the 1940s, who testified in front of Congress in 1946 with over 150 documented cases that an organic vegetarian (mostly vegan) and juicing diet had cured his cancer patients of colon, pancreatic, breast and other cancers, as well as other ailments as diabetes, knew then that our diets were changing by the introduction of chemicals in crops even back then. He mysteriously died of arsenic poisoning after that Congress testimony. Hmmm. Interesting. His daughter does carry on the organic crusade for curing cancer and other ailments through organic foods, and not surgery. As a matter of fact, my neighbor’s sister was cured of breast cancer in less than a year. The minister of the Hallelujah Diet was also cured of colon cancer. Both took the route of no surgery. No Chemo Therapy. An organic vegetarian diet and juicing was their medicine as Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said, “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food.” So, what GM foods are doing to our bodies, organics are and can cure through a proper diet meant to increase the good cells to fight the bad cells (bad cells that took over the body from this technology aged society where chemicals have become the mainstream and acceptance for some in foods).

The US started this entire GM Foods campaign because they believed that not only in the US, but the rest of the world, produce and food production could not keep up with population growth. Scientists and large corporations with other means than people’s welfare in mind, want us to believe that we will run out of food so artificial growing of food at faster rates controlled by chemicals implanted into the genes of food would create a vast supply of food to keep pace with the growth in population. Why not invest in techniques to grow more foods organically by researching better crop rotation methods? Why institute chemicals into foods to make foods grow faster, bigger, and more where taste and nutrition is left out.

It is time to take control of our lives. We as vegetarians may feel we live in “Zion” as in The Matrix though our freedom to choose to control what we eat rather than be controlled by what we eat; but, think twice. What you may be putting in your body as a vegetarian, may also include some of the GM foods. It is a hard task in choosing non-GM foods since even many beloved pre-packaged vegetarian and vegan meals contain these GM by-products as preservatives. The best thing we can do is to read labels more closely, and make wise buying decisions. Check your labels if not buying all organic. If too many ingredients listed sounds like you need a translation dictionary, then bets are, you may be eating a GM food or GM by-product. Here is a Non-GMO shopping list to help you shop for non-organic and organic products that do not contain GMOs.
Remember, don’t forget the local farmers because their crops are more than likely non-GMO, although you still must watch out for the pesticides if not buying organic from local farmers:

Learn more about the GM Food Industry and fight back through these resources below:

I watched these Documentaries via my Netflix Watch Instantly:
1. King Corn
2. Food, Inc
3. The Beautiful Truth (Max Gerson curing cancer patients organically)
4. The Gerson Miracle

1. Food, Inc.
2. Seeds of Deception
3. Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You're Eating
4. Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods

Educational Website and Videos:

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